Hello I am Scott

I'm a computer programmer person living in Reading, UK. I like videogames, science fiction movies, and cute fluffy animals. Here are some things I've done.


Super ONM (2014-2018) was a UK based online forum and gaming community, and the unofficial spiritual successor to the Official Nintendo Magazine UK forums. It now remains as a read-only archive.

hardyik.es is a succinctly shareable link for those particularly yikes-worthy moments!


RedBubble is the place to find my art and design work. You can also follow OrangeRakoon designs on tumblr.


Procii is a procedurally generated first-person exploration arcade game with ascii visuals. My first game!

Wander Lonely As A King is a demo opening of a text-only fantasy RPG told through haikus and rhyming couplets.

URIMA is a stealth-puzzle game in your browser's address bar. Create and share you own levels with nothing more than a link.

RHYTHMURL is a rhythm game in your browser's address bar. As above, keyboard required!

Goodnight Universe is an audio game about the heat death of the universe. Utilising sound alone, it is intended to be played in bed before sleeping.


View the archive of my various published articles and videos/podcasts I feature in.


Shadowed - A short story written for Sci-Fi-London's 48 Hour Flash Fiction 2018.

White Sky - A short story written for Sci-Fi-London's 48 Hour Flash Fiction 2017.


8-bit Canvas is an in-browser 8-bit sprite editing tool written in JavaScript.

Fantasy Kingdom Generator is a tool for generating population demographics for medieval-era fantasy worlds.

Is Weather Happening? uses OpenWeatherMap to let you know if any exciting weather is currently happening where you are.


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